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We offer two complete digital law enforcement solutions that are user-friendly, efficient, affordable, and powerful, not to mention customizable. With top of the line technology including ALPR, SCOFFLAW messaging, permit issuance, case management document handling, and PCI compliant online payments. We help you build strong communities by providing you with the tools to make your public safety job easier. Velosum believes that by simplifying the cumbersome work processes, organizations can focus on what really matters. Optimize your enforcement with Velosum Solutions. We're passionate about helping organizations improve their operations in a way that impacts entire communities without costing a fortune!

We take you from citation issuance to adjudication! You can choose to advance to a LICENSE PLATE READER TECHNOLOGY, use a unique Anoto digital pen and paper, or go with the handheld device. You can share the costs through our COOP Service Plan or work with competitive large organizational pricing.

"Velosum's solutions are not just a collection of modules and programs. They are elements within a creative high-tech infrastructure with the integrity of steal and the seamless integrative flexibility of a camelian."
- We guarantee it!


vCiteWrite® web-based Office Management

Velosum understands the diverse needs that law enforcement organizations have. For this reason we offer solutions that work together to allow for the greatest flexibility in the way you issue and manage citations. vCitePen® Mobile is based on the Anoto digital pen technology, is very cost effective, and can be personalized easily to fit your needs. It is light-weight and simple, yet powerful and full-featured. It records a date-time stamp, GPS location data, allows for photo evidence to be added, issues SCOFF alerts in the field, and is a streamlined process from issuance to adjudication.Read more


vCiteWrite® web-based Office Management

Velosum’s vCiteWrite® backend management software is so simple to use. Whether you are a high-level administrator or an entry-level employee, vCiteWrite® is easy to learn, user friendly, and manages the citations that are issued, permits that are sold, SecurePark® cashless pay-by-phone metered parking, and LPR reads in real-time. You have full control over who can access what, manage payments, send out late payment demand letters, generate useful reports, and it can be used for multiple types of violations such as parking enforcement, code enforcement, etc. Fantastic!Read more


CiteWrite® Android Handheld Devices

Velosum ‘s vCiteWrite® Android companion app makes issuing citations easy. Historical citation lookups plus 2D and 3D barcode ID and driver’s license reading capabilities you will gain instant access to vital information about the offender. If you choose to, this handheld can take payments on the spot using a credit card reader as well. The way that the fields are viewed is 100% configurable from within the vCiteWrite® backend. Expand the capabilities of this app by adding the plate reader module and the permitting module and productivity increases by 250%!  Save money…save time!Read more


vCiteWrite Windows® with LPR for Patrol Cars

vCiteWrite Windows® is the perfect way to allow all of your patrol officers write citations that automatically go into the same back end. Many police departments need more than one method of issuing citations. This PC program is intricately linked to our plate reader technology. Drive quickly though time-restricted or permit required lots and streets. Watch the monitor record picture after picture of license plates. Drive past a vehicle with an expired parking permit or expired meter & the program notifies you. It can also be used as a stand-alone issuance device & add photo evidence. Read more


Securepark® Pay-by-Phone Metered Parking

Securepark® is our pay-by-phone system. It is perfect for university metered parking, privately owned parking lots, and municipal managed parking lots and streets. Rather than managing and gathering the coins from big, unattractive, problematic coin meters, install a personalized sign that explains how to call on the phone, use the Securepark® App, or access the Securepark® website to buy time. When they are near running out of minutes they receive a text. If they need more time they can buy it remotely. The motorists voluntarily enter their vehicle and contact information for billing.Read more

vCiteWrite® Permitting with Online Payment

Velosum’s vCiteWrite® Permitting Module is fully integrated with the vCiteWrite® backend and can be configured to assign parking areas specific rights, types, time limitations, pricing, and more. The permitting information as well as the citations owed are visible by the motorist in their account. They can also be purchased from within the Securepark® pay-by-phone app. Integration with other systems that are already in place can be done. When used with the plate reader, you will easily find violators as the system compares plates with the permits and notifies the officer of improperly parked vehicles.Read more


vCiteWrite® Integrated Plate Reader Technology

Velosum has harnessed the latest plate reader technology which gives your officers the upper hand when writing citations. vCiteWrite® Software in conjunction with the plate reader enables your enforcement staff to be more effective and efficient. With the infrared cameras installed on patrol vehicles, plates are scanned from all different angles, this data is compared with what is in the system, including permits, and the officer is notified when a vehicle is not in compliance. It can also search a hotlist that you configure. Search for lost or stolen vehicles, unpaid accounts, and more.Read more


vCiteWrite® County Coop Options

Counties face unique challenges when it comes to budgeting for systems like vCiteWrite®. Many of them contract with the smaller municipalities who can not afford to manage their safety needs on their own. They cover large areas and require the services of more police officers and patrol vehicles. With vCiteWrite® each municipality can help cover the cost and still distinguish their own citations from others. They centralize city enforcement by adding violation types like code violations, moving violations, permitting, and parking enforcement to consolidate multiple departments into vCiteWrite®.Read more

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Velosum citation issuance systems are not just for parking enforcement!

Here at Velosum, we work hard to bring you the most comprehensive solutions for parking enforcement. Even better we also have viable solutions for code enforcement, service fleet management, and we make it affordable! Although our principle business is in the parking arena, we do manage public service code and moving violations.

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vCiteCode for Public Service

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to issuing notices or citations for building code, safety code, municipal code or any other type of code you need to enforce. The same great benefits are available including online payments and appeals, SCOFF alerts, back end management, and payment demand letters.

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vCiteCOOP Service Plan

Velosum recognizes that all cities and universities should be able to use this technology to better our communities. Because of this we created our vCiteCOOP Service plan which is a budget-neutral way to improve your operations without having to go through big budget changes or huge start-up costs.

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vCitePlus for Moving Violations

You do not have to have two separate systems in place to manage moving violations from vCitePlus. We can design citations that match what you are using them for. In the end, they all go into one back office so that you can have control of the entire violation database, send out batch notices, and generate reports,etc.


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